US President Obama uses a laser machine

You know you’re in the right industry when the US President uses a laser machine! One of our Global Premium Partner Trotec Laser’s Speedy 300 to be exact. The below is reproduced with permission from Tronotes – an Online Laser Magazine Friday 20 June 2014.

Obama Tours TechShop

 TrotecLaserPresidentObamaNamedGeometryTechShop On June 17, 2014, President Obama visited Pittsburgh to highlight creative ways to boost manufacturing and to promote his program that helps provide entrepreneurs access to more than $5 billion in advanced manufacturing equipment. During his visit, he took a tour of Pittsburgh’s TechShop to see first hand how entrepreneurs are utilizing manufacturing “maker spaces” such as TechShop. President Obama saw several demonstrations, including one on a 3D printer and a Trotec Speedy 300 laser system.
“We need to encourage more and more entrepreneurs and inventors to not just take root here, but have access to equipment and technology,” President Obama said.
Speedy 300 Demonstration 
10479641_906426516040206_9014930379706651866_oJames Gyre of Naked Geometry demonstrated the laser process, creating a wood ornament entitled “Prayer for Peace” on a Trotec Speedy 300 laser. “It’s a mandala of abundance, life and earth. It contains the numbers 12 (for plant life) and phi (for human life) and the infinity symbol.” explains Gyre. The fine detail of the design and intricacy of the cuts, showcased the Speedy 300’s speed, precision, and intelligent engineering.
 After the laser processing was completed, Mr. Obama held it up and declared with a smile,  “This is pretty”.
President Obama likes the final result