Trotec Laser at Visual Impact Sydney 2012

There really isn’t anything more exciting than a good trade show. The bump in and outs, the anticipation of a sale or two, and lots of customers with problems we can provide solutions for, all in one place! One of the best industry events in Australia is the Visual Impact Expo, the Sydney 2012 event was where The Engravers Register was launched.

While we were busy launching at the Sydney Visual Impact Expo, one of our website sponsors Trotec Laser Australia,  was also extremely busy launching their brand new pride and joy to the Australian market- the Speedy 400. We at Engravers Register hear that the Sydney office of Trotec Laser was so far ahead of the rest of the world they acquired a Speedy 400 machine with the serial number #4 – ie the fourth produced in the world by Trotec Laser. Pretty impressive stuff!

Trotec Laser staff were kept extremely busy demonstrating not only the Speedy 400 (which from what we could see had the crowd in awe about what the Speedy 400 achieved – 312 name badges produced in 53 minutes which is 10.3 second a badge!!) but also their vast array of other laser machines which are tailor made to help businesses in our industry increase productivity and profitability.  Make sure you talk to Trotec Laser Australia first if you’re looking to upgrade your laser machine/s or innovative ways to expand / increase your business model, they are there to help.

Trotec Laser Australia was very prominent at the 2012 Sydney VIIE. Trotec staff preparing before the Expo opened.