Tips & Tricks: Positioning Jobs Multiple Times in JobControl

Trotec’s unique JobControl Software offers multiple features that provide functionality, productivity, flexibility, and reliability to the engraving, cutting, and marking process!

Today, we are going to highlight the different options available to position multiple jobs, including “Position Jobs Multiple”, “2 Plates Together”, and “Duplicate Job” and how you can use these features as an aid for laser processing.

This feature is especially beneficial when a material needs to be engraved multiple times with the same design.

Position Job Multiple:

When selecting a job in the job queue, instead of double clicking (sends job to top right of plate) or dragging (allows you to freely position job on plate), right click on the job and select “Position Job Multiple”.

When the “Multiple Placement” window opens, indicate how many times you would like the selected job to be duplicated. Once you’ve selected “OK” JobControl will automatically position the indicted number of jobs on the plate.

Optimized Sheet Utilization – 2 Plates Together:

If you position two sheets of material side by side in your laser, you can effectively process a job multiple times on two pieces of material while facilitating the “position job multiple” feature.

Open “Plate Setup”; located under “Plate” on the top tool bar. When the “Plate Setup” window opens, check “2 Plates Together” at the bottom of the window and select “OK”.

Repeat the steps for “Position Jobs Multiple”

 Duplicate Job:

If you have two identical jobs to be processed, you can (1) follow the steps above for “position job multiple” or (2) duplicate the job.

If you choose to duplicate the job, first position the job on the plate. Once you have the job positioned on the plate, right click on the job and select “duplicate job”. Job control will automatically provide a carbon copy of the job next to the already positioned job.

Job Control Tip:

The standard value for the plate setup in JobControl is equivalent to the maximum engraving area of the Trotec laser you are using (i.e. Speedy 300: 28 in x 18 in).

If you want to use the multiple positioning command on a smaller work piece, try adapting the plate set up value in JobControl to reflect the actual area of the work piece.