Competition Day 1

Day one of our $250 voucher competition, and we already have some amazing pics in. You don’t have to be an engraving register registered business to enter, so get snapping, cracking and sharing for your chance to win a $250 Trotec Laser Australia gift voucher! View our competition page now to enter.

Focal Point Laser Engraving sent these awesome designed gumboots via Facebook:

Photo: This was an interesting job... for a very talented designer needing to create a unique exhibition piece.The gum boots were cut through, and scored for details, and a red backing glued on the inside to give a contrasting effect.They look amazing, but my no longer be that waterproof ;)

Mobile Engraving Solutions sent in this liquor bottle. You can only see the engraving when it’s full. Cheers to that!

Photo: so... you can only see the engraving when there is liquid in the bottle ! (our Premium Sponsor!) sent in one of their recent medal tasks – made out of cardboard!!

Photo: our customer said they had a small budget..... we didn't quite realise how small it was !

Trotec Laser reveals new technology

Our Premium Sponsor Trotec Laser yesterday launched amazing new technology that will revolutionise the way that we undertake laser marking, laser cutting and laser engraving jobs.

Their new range of laser sources has revolutionary CeramiCore technology included. What does that mean? View their launch video to find out more. Like us, you will be amazed and excited about the opportunities. Call Trotec Laser for more information.


Ooooh lahlah! La Tour Effeil!

Today The Engravers Register has decided to go a little French. If you have ever wanted to visit the Effeil Tower, or La Tour Effeil, The Engravers Register proudly presents the work of art that can transport you there while sitting at your computer! This construction is created by a Trotec Laser machine, and Blue Tongue Engraving.

In a recent post, we advised had been busily working on designing and building a replica Eiffel Tower, complete with internal walls and elevator, and The Engravers Register can now reveal the amazing results. Blue Tongue Engraving also replicated the design using their Trotec Speedy 500 and have sent in their video. We particularly like the time lapse construction at the end of the video, so make sure you keep viewing!

It’s just like being there, gazing over the streets of Paris, so please enjoy the pictures.

eiffel-tower-lasercut1 eiffel-tower-lasercut3





eiffel-tower-lasercut9 eiffel-tower-lasercutx eiffel-tower-lasercut8 eiffel-tower-lasercut5 eiffel-tower-lasercut4