Unique Christmas gifts

With Christmas rapidly approaching, have you organised your corporate Christmas gifts yet? Well, why not consider lasered corporate Christmas gifts that are unique for your business!

For engraving businesses it will give your customers an insight into what you can do! Some ideas include constructing lasered green Christmas trees with your business name, white intricate snowflakes, layering different products together to create a santa (leather, felt). The outcomes are only limited by your imagination, so experiment with different materials and textiles.

If you are looking for Christmas gifts for your business, then get in touch with us at The Engravers Register. We have many registered businesses that can create really unique gifts, which will have your customers and clients talking for years to come. Why not have a company logo or product range engraved onto different materials which are unique to the customer? If you’re an advertising agency, why not create individual agency awards for your clients? Manufacturing businesses, have your logo engraved onto your product (our businesses can even laser onto biscuits – Halloween example)!!

Our registered businesses can provide advice and ideas. But get in quick, there are only three and a half weeks until Christmas!









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