How to create a multi-layer sign

Some more interesting blogs from one our Premium Sponsors, Trotec Laser. We found this little piece on their blog, including the option to download their files that they used! Awesome pics, and awesome artwork. There’s definitely nothing wrong with that!! Enjoy this piece, courtesy of our Premium Sponsor, Trotec Laser

 How to create a multi-layer sign

One Sign, Four Layers:

Using your laser to both engrave and cut creates unique and a detailed multi-layer technique and dimensional lettering…. Try this with the use of LEDs to backlight your sign and put the sign in the best perspective!

Materials Needed:

Acrylics and Laminates / Engravable Plastics
(we used 3 mm, 6 mm and 10 mm Acrylics)

Machines Possible:

Speedy 300, Speedy 400, Speedy 500
(we used the Speedy 300 60W)

How To:

Open the file “Multi-layer-sign” in your graphics software, then send it to the laser.
Settings for speed and laser power may vary depending on the machine used.
Black (engraving) Power: 35 %, Speed: 70 %, Resolution: 600 dpi, air assist on
Red (cutting)
3 mm Acrylics
Power: 100 %, Speed 0,75 %, Frequency 5000 Hz, air assist on
6 mm Acrylics Vector engraving Power: 10 %, Speed 1 %, Frequency 2000 Hz, air assist on Cutting: Power: 100 %, Speed 0,25 %, Frequency 8000 Hz, Z-offset -1 mm, air assist on
10 mm Acrylics Cutting: Power: 100 %, Speed 0,1 %, Frequency 8000 Hz, Z-offset -3 mm, air assist on


  • Use reverse engraving to protect your materials from dust and keep them clean.
  • Use the 2 inch lens for engraving the laminate and for cutting 3 mm acrylics and the 2.5 inch lens for cutting acrylics of 6 or 10 mm.
  • A good exhaust is very important for perfect cutting results when cutting acrylics.
  • Prepare the layers with double-sided adhesive tape, then the assembling only takes some minutes.
  • Help yourself: Engraving the base plate and the laminate helps for the correct positioning.
  • Mounting a top layer on the 10 mm acrylics creates a visual multidimensional effect.