The Eye of the Tiger – latest entry into our competition

Rising up… off the laser. You can almost hear the “Eye of the Tiger” sounding out with one of our latest entries into our win a $250 Trotec Laser voucher competition! A fully engraved laser belt for the winner of the Knees of Fury competition.

Don’t forget to send in your entry to our competition – you don’t have to be a Trotec Laser Australia customer or a registered business to enter.


Are you up for the challenge!?

The challenge is on… who will win?!

The Engravers Register and our Premium Sponsor Trotec Laser Australia, have combined to throw down the challenge to our engraving businesses. On offer for the winner is a $250 consumables voucher* from Trotec Laser Australia!

All you need to do is share a picture of your favourite engraving job with us and let us know what material it was created on. If you feel like sharing the story behind the creation or the customer, please feel free.

Head to our competition page for more information and to enter. Competition entries will be shown on our gallery page.

Good luck! Entries close 28 February 2013.


Trotec Laser Demo Days – have you booked?

Have you booked in for our Premium Sponsor Trotec Laser’s first round of demo days for 2013?

Held once a month across Australia, these days are perfect to review Trotec’s range of exciting laser machines, ask any questions you may have, and also trial the laser machines against your business’ requirements. Trotec’s qualified staff are always available to support and advise the best machine that matches your requirements.

Upcoming demo days are almost full, so make sure you book your times now:

Perth: Tuesday, 29 January

Brisbane / Gold Coast: Monday, 4 February

Melbourne: Tuesday, 5 February

Sydney: Wednesday, 6 February

Contact Trotec Laser now on 1800 674 499 to ensure you don’t miss out.


Ecolease special offer launched

ecoleaseEcolease is proud to be a sponsor of the Engravers Register. As an independent finance broking firm specialising in equipment finance and leasing for small to medium sized businesses, and Vendor Finance for medium to large equipment suppliers we know the challenges small  and medium businesses face to maintain profits.

At the beginning of a new year, it’s always useful to review your current capital equipment and make sure it’s working for you and your business. Perhaps you would like to upgrade your capital equipment or purchase a new laser machine?

Ecolease is pleased to offer free pre-approval and will waive document fees* for new applications (for clients in Australia), so you can make 2013 more productive (and hopefully more profitable).

Contact (02) 9416 0629 or email [email protected] and quote ‘Engravers Register’. But hurry – the offer is only limited to the first 15 businesses.


*Terms and conditions do apply. Please talk to Ecolease for details.

Trotec Laser’s 3D models

Some more news from our Premium Sponsor Trotec Laser Australia. Their new Pintrest board has been receiving a lot of hits and interesting pins lately.

Laser cut models for universities, architects and model makers! Follow them on Pintrest to see their interesting range of projects and machines.

Trotec Laser reveals new technology

Our Premium Sponsor Trotec Laser yesterday launched amazing new technology that will revolutionise the way that we undertake laser marking, laser cutting and laser engraving jobs.

Their new range of laser sources has revolutionary CeramiCore technology included. What does that mean? View their launch video to find out more. Like us, you will be amazed and excited about the opportunities. Call Trotec Laser for more information.


The Engravers Register now presents…. your dinner!

Another addition to the ‘I can’t believe you can engrave that’ files?! Add a unique touch to your next BBQ by laser cutting your meat!! Yes, it can be done. Steps below are reproduced from Would any of our registered engravers be up for attempting this? We wonder if our premium sponsor Trotec Laser would be happy to provide a laser machine for a trial? We could have lasered meats on could develop some awesome files?! Personally, all of this talk is making us at The Engravers Register very, very hungry! Bon appetit!

How to Cut Meat – LASER STYLE!

There’s a trick to get this to work – so here’s how to cut meat and be ready for the tasty animals convention 🙂

The Trick

Here’s the key trick. Remove the auto focusing sensor and focus manually. This allows you to get really close to your steak without the focusing sensor crashing. Be sure to count turns so you can put it back where you found it. The problem is, steaks tend to be too thick to cut with a focused laser… So the closer we can get, the further we can cut.
Alternatively, you probably should pound the steak thin 🙂


The first thing you want to do — is place a drip tray and foil down in the cutter. We don’t want to make a mess.
Vector Cutting 10% Speed 100% Power
You may need to do several passes as marbleized fat is more difficult to cut.
Raster (AKA Cooking) 100% Speed 100% Power
This gives the steak that seared in flavor 🙂


Enjoy eating your People for Eating Tasty Animals Steak! Perhaps you’d want to boil the meat for 15 or so seconds to ensure there’s no harmful bacteria lurking.

Experiencing a Trotec Demo Day

The other week the team at The Engravers Register was invited to attend one of Trotec Laser’s monthly demo days in sunny Brisbane (yes, it was definitely a work trip)! Trotec Laser hosts demo days once a month in every major capital city, and from what we saw, it was certainly very busy!

We arrived just before 8am, to find Jenny the vivacious Qld Office Manager prepping for the day. After making a quick cup of coffee (and a few choccies),  she explained what would happen throughout the day. Potential customers would come through for demonstrations of the various lasers (which were matched against their specific requirements), plus people who had purchased machines would also come through for training on the software and machines.

John, the QLD Sales Manager then came to introduce us to the lasers they would be demonstrating throughout the day: Speedy 500, Speedy300 flexx, Rayjet and a Newhinghall NH400, and then offered us the opportunity to experience them. Alrighty – right onto the large flat bed Speedy 500 for us please!

John, Trotec Laser QLD Sales Manager, uses the Speedy500

As appointments started to arrive, John left us to our devices. After using the Corel Draw program to create some artwork, it was time to use Trotec’s renowned JobControl system. John talked us through step by step the process, while also showing one his appointments how easy it was to process at the same time. Bingo! Basically hit print and what a result… not exactly what has previously been created in the Speedy500 (example below) but we were very happy with what we created. We did try to take credit for the below though!

We observed some more training sessions and demonstrations throughout the morning, and continued to be impressed with not only the quality Trotec Laser were delivering, but the quality of how they were delivering it. Exceptionally fast production times, skilled training and development, plus a unique partner who honestly cared about developing their customer’s businesses. As we left just before lunchtime (all of that creativity makes you very hungry!), customers were still piling through the door ready for the lunch sessions.

A big thank you to the team at Trotec Laser for letting us share and experience your morning, we appreciate how difficult it is when you are busy with customers! The team at Engravers Register definitely recommends our registered businesses experience one of these demo days for yourself. Visit the Trotec Laser website for more information and dates. is now

It’s always great in the engraving / laser industry when businesses review their current products and look to diversify and expand into other opportunities. One of the Engravers Register sponsors, has just rebranded to Jon Cantin, CEO of, explains his decision, and how he is looking forward to the future. As a valued sponsor of The Engravers Register, we look forward to going on the journey with His message to his customers and designers is below:

I decided last week to permanently close and in the coming week – the amount of work involved across two sites (with more coming) was too much and I was started to get spread rather thin. started in 2008 and has become a very strong brand around the world ( was just starting to reach a threshold in the 3D printing market) and with my desire to expand into CNC plasma cutting and other CNC file types, I was given a stark choice. Close what I spent 4 years building or create a bunch of other “clone” sites cross-promoting each one with individual customer and product lists. Sadly, I can’t use to sell plasma CNC files or 3D printer files! Running one business is easy, running multiple sites with related servers and software maintenance, customer relations and social activities – exponentially time wasting.

The new brand holding all the files for both of these sites will be – I’m in the process of migrating everything and restructuring 4 years of work to be more concise and easier to understand. A 100% fresh start was necessary as legacy issues were starting to creep-up. In the long term, I expect a significant boost – not only will the site be updated more often but as many of you are aware, 3D guys might also be Laser guys or even CNC Table Router guys too… now they will be able to get all the files for their machines and more in one place.

Things WILL be confusing for the next 6-9 months on – animations pointing to old domains (forwarded to, product pictures being out of place, blog posts going to non-existent categories (migrated over to and the list goes on but for the long term viability of the site and my sanity, a clean break was necessary.

Just some of the hundreds of projects you can now find on the site!

Thanks Jon and good luck with the new brand! Make sure you head over to and check out the “royally amazing CNC project files” on offer.