Congratulations to Pale Blue Design Dot Studio – Business of the Week

This week’s Business of the Week:


1. Contact name: Erica Maritz

2. Business name: Pale Blue Dot Design Studio



3. How can people get in touch with you:

4.       Which areas do you service?: Pale Blue Dot Design is a creative design studio specialising in original products for the laser cutting and engraving market for a wide range of clients. We design and produce everything from original wedding invitations, corporate business cards to architectural screens.

5.       What is your business speciality: We provide uniquely original designs for our clients.  Every job is custom designed and produced to suit the client’s brief.

6.       What makes your business unique? Erica Maritz is the head designer of the studio, but we have a pool of artists and technicians who can handle any job, large or small.

7.       What is your favourite job you have done? All of them are.

8.       If there was one project you could do, what would it be? We’d love to design and produce a sculpture for Sydney’s CBD.

Some examples of the great work Pale Blue Dot Design:

Heart-temp5B Heart-temp2 BUTTFF bridge2 BEATLES

You’ll LOVE our latest sponsor offers

Our sponsors are leading suppliers to the industry, who are passionate about ensuring the success of businesses and the industry itself. Throughout the year, our sponsors will offer a range of special offers to help drive your productivity and profitability. They are passionate about making YOUR business happen, so make sure you support the businesses that support you.


Titanium Marketing$AUD150 or $AUD250 credit towards marketing, website and social media requirements for Engravers Register businesses * The Titanium Cog (2494 downloads)

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Trotec Laser voucher for 10% of the purchase price

Any Trotec Laser machine ordered by the end of February 2013 will receive a voucher for 10% of the purchase price to spend on upgrades , consumables or accessories. Please note: freight excluded and offer only available for customers of the Australian-New Zealand subsidiary.

Quote “Engravers Register” deal when enquiring with Trotec Laser.

ecoleaseFree pre-approval and document fees waived!

Ecolease is proud to offer free pre-approval and will waive document fees for new finance applications (for clients in Australia). This offer is only valid until the end of February 2013, so enquire now about updating your capital equipment or reviewing your current equipment finance and make 2013 more profitable and productive.

Contact (02) 9416 0629 or email [email protected] and quote ‘Engravers Register’.

Ecolease special offer launched

ecoleaseEcolease is proud to be a sponsor of the Engravers Register. As an independent finance broking firm specialising in equipment finance and leasing for small to medium sized businesses, and Vendor Finance for medium to large equipment suppliers we know the challenges small  and medium businesses face to maintain profits.

At the beginning of a new year, it’s always useful to review your current capital equipment and make sure it’s working for you and your business. Perhaps you would like to upgrade your capital equipment or purchase a new laser machine?

Ecolease is pleased to offer free pre-approval and will waive document fees* for new applications (for clients in Australia), so you can make 2013 more productive (and hopefully more profitable).

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*Terms and conditions do apply. Please talk to Ecolease for details.

Finance isn’t a dirty word

In business, we are continually managing finance and captial requirements, assets and equipments against our workflows and customer requirements. We constantly worry if our machines are suitable for what we need them to do, if they are aged and if we are paying to much back to the bank in the form of interest!

The Engravers Register understands the frustrations faced by businesses in the engraving industry, as does our supporting sponsor Ecolease. Ecolease is an independent finance broking firm focussed on providing businesses appropriate financial facilities to ensure businesses maintains a healthy degree of commercial flexibility. What does that mean? Ecolease will work with you to ensure your finance matches your business and cash flow requirements,  maximising your profitability and outputs.

Ecolease also works closely with a range of leading suppliers, like Trotec Laser Australia, to match both your equipment and finance to your business. If you’re looking to upgrade your machine or increase your business’ capacity for 2013, then this is the perfect time to talk to Ecolease and Trotec Laser Australia.

The best thing is, Ecolease is a “small to medium business loving” financier looking to work with you to deliver results for your business.


Engravers Register grows worldwide

The Engravers Register is pleased to welcome more registered businesses, and in particular, we would like to welcome some more international businesses!

Firstly, hello to Top Signs from Port Vila, Vanuatu! Top Signs have been servicing Vanuatu and the Pacific Islands since 2002, and have been growing their engraving, marking and cutting capacity in the past couple of years with a Trotec Laser (see below).

Laser machine, Vanuatu







The Engravers Register hits the African continent for the first time, with Secbands Pty Ltd from South Africa. ARTES from Croatia have also joined us from Europe.

Last but not least! From Australia, we would like to welcome Georgies Fine Jewellery from Narooma, NSW and Wimmera Trophies & Gifts from Horsham, Vic.

A big hello to our new registered businesses – we look forward to working with you in 2013.

Unique Awards and Plaques for Exact Mining from

One of our Premium Sponsors, recently completed a number of awards and plaques updates for Exact Mining Services, a well known mining company based in Adelaide, Australia. sent some images to us to include in our gallery and blog for inspiration for our registered businesses.


Exact Mining Services is well regarded in both the mining and civil industries for its work in open pit mining, quarry management and civil earthworks. They deliver specialist services in backfill, drill and blast, crushing and screening and tailings dam construction, as well as shotcrete and surface concrete supply. Through their group of companies they also have the capacity to extend services to clients, undertaking projects involving camp construction, road works, cement and sand haulage and transport logistics. FInd out more about them at Exact Mining Services

Titanium Marketing’s unique business cards

When our Premium Sponsor Titanium Marketing wanted to test some unique business cards, they didn’t go any further than another one of our Premium Sponsors, Trotec Laser!

The business cards are almost finished, however, the very first prototype looks very interesting! We are looking forward to seeing the final product – a great way to kickstart 2013.

How to create a multi-layer sign

Some more interesting blogs from one our Premium Sponsors, Trotec Laser. We found this little piece on their blog, including the option to download their files that they used! Awesome pics, and awesome artwork. There’s definitely nothing wrong with that!! Enjoy this piece, courtesy of our Premium Sponsor, Trotec Laser

 How to create a multi-layer sign

One Sign, Four Layers:

Using your laser to both engrave and cut creates unique and a detailed multi-layer technique and dimensional lettering…. Try this with the use of LEDs to backlight your sign and put the sign in the best perspective!

Materials Needed:

Acrylics and Laminates / Engravable Plastics
(we used 3 mm, 6 mm and 10 mm Acrylics)

Machines Possible:

Speedy 300, Speedy 400, Speedy 500
(we used the Speedy 300 60W)

How To:

Open the file “Multi-layer-sign” in your graphics software, then send it to the laser.
Settings for speed and laser power may vary depending on the machine used.
Black (engraving) Power: 35 %, Speed: 70 %, Resolution: 600 dpi, air assist on
Red (cutting)
3 mm Acrylics
Power: 100 %, Speed 0,75 %, Frequency 5000 Hz, air assist on
6 mm Acrylics Vector engraving Power: 10 %, Speed 1 %, Frequency 2000 Hz, air assist on Cutting: Power: 100 %, Speed 0,25 %, Frequency 8000 Hz, Z-offset -1 mm, air assist on
10 mm Acrylics Cutting: Power: 100 %, Speed 0,1 %, Frequency 8000 Hz, Z-offset -3 mm, air assist on


  • Use reverse engraving to protect your materials from dust and keep them clean.
  • Use the 2 inch lens for engraving the laminate and for cutting 3 mm acrylics and the 2.5 inch lens for cutting acrylics of 6 or 10 mm.
  • A good exhaust is very important for perfect cutting results when cutting acrylics.
  • Prepare the layers with double-sided adhesive tape, then the assembling only takes some minutes.
  • Help yourself: Engraving the base plate and the laminate helps for the correct positioning.
  • Mounting a top layer on the 10 mm acrylics creates a visual multidimensional effect.

Business of the Week – FPLaser

Congratulations to our newest Business of the Week, Focal Point Laser Engraving in Brisbane, Queensland.

Mark Kojetin is a dedicated business owner, who really loves the creativity the laser machine provides. The team at The Engravers Register is impressed by his recent work, and suggest the next challenge to him will be to make some musical instruments with the laser!

Read all about Focal Point Laser Engraving here.

Logo Sqaure 4

New Business of the Week – Mobile Engraving Solutions!

The Engravers Register is constantly looking for new ways to increase exposure for our registered businesses. We are now implementing our Business of the Week, where we will spend five minutes with one of our businesses, and include images of some of their recent work. We will showcase the diverse range of businesses we have registered as well as the great work they do!

This week’s business is Mobile Engraving Solutions.

Hop over to their profile now to have a read and check out some of their work.

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