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It’s always great in the engraving / laser industry when businesses review their current products and look to diversify and expand into other opportunities. One of the Engravers Register sponsors, has just rebranded to Jon Cantin, CEO of, explains his decision, and how he is looking forward to the future. As a valued sponsor of The Engravers Register, we look forward to going on the journey with His message to his customers and designers is below:

I decided last week to permanently close and in the coming week – the amount of work involved across two sites (with more coming) was too much and I was started to get spread rather thin. started in 2008 and has become a very strong brand around the world ( was just starting to reach a threshold in the 3D printing market) and with my desire to expand into CNC plasma cutting and other CNC file types, I was given a stark choice. Close what I spent 4 years building or create a bunch of other “clone” sites cross-promoting each one with individual customer and product lists. Sadly, I can’t use to sell plasma CNC files or 3D printer files! Running one business is easy, running multiple sites with related servers and software maintenance, customer relations and social activities – exponentially time wasting.

The new brand holding all the files for both of these sites will be – I’m in the process of migrating everything and restructuring 4 years of work to be more concise and easier to understand. A 100% fresh start was necessary as legacy issues were starting to creep-up. In the long term, I expect a significant boost – not only will the site be updated more often but as many of you are aware, 3D guys might also be Laser guys or even CNC Table Router guys too… now they will be able to get all the files for their machines and more in one place.

Things WILL be confusing for the next 6-9 months on – animations pointing to old domains (forwarded to, product pictures being out of place, blog posts going to non-existent categories (migrated over to and the list goes on but for the long term viability of the site and my sanity, a clean break was necessary.

Just some of the hundreds of projects you can now find on the site!

Thanks Jon and good luck with the new brand! Make sure you head over to and check out the “royally amazing CNC project files” on offer.