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Our sponsors are leading suppliers to the industry, who are passionate about ensuring the success of businesses and the industry itself. Throughout the year, our sponsors will offer a range of special offers to help drive your productivity and profitability. They are passionate about making YOUR business happen, so make sure you support the businesses that support you.


Titanium Marketing$AUD150 or $AUD250 credit towards marketing, website and social media requirements for Engravers Register businesses * The Titanium Cog (2451 downloads)

Titanium Marketing can offer Engravers Register businesses a brand new website and domain name for a very small investment (less than $1,000). Imagine having [email protected] rather than [email protected]!

Contact them today for their range of small business packages which also includes ongoing support and management of websites and social media. Titanium Marketing happily works with clients around Australia and New Zealand, and overseas.


Trotec Laser voucher for 10% of the purchase price

Any Trotec Laser machine ordered by the end of February 2013 will receive a voucher for 10% of the purchase price to spend on upgrades , consumables or accessories. Please note: freight excluded and offer only available for customers of the Australian-New Zealand subsidiary.

Quote “Engravers Register” deal when enquiring with Trotec Laser.

ecoleaseFree pre-approval and document fees waived!

Ecolease is proud to offer free pre-approval and will waive document fees for new finance applications (for clients in Australia). This offer is only valid until the end of February 2013, so enquire now about updating your capital equipment or reviewing your current equipment finance and make 2013 more profitable and productive.

Contact (02) 9416 0629 or email [email protected] and quote ‘Engravers Register’.

Unique Awards and Plaques for Exact Mining from

One of our Premium Sponsors, recently completed a number of awards and plaques updates for Exact Mining Services, a well known mining company based in Adelaide, Australia. sent some images to us to include in our gallery and blog for inspiration for our registered businesses.


Exact Mining Services is well regarded in both the mining and civil industries for its work in open pit mining, quarry management and civil earthworks. They deliver specialist services in backfill, drill and blast, crushing and screening and tailings dam construction, as well as shotcrete and surface concrete supply. Through their group of companies they also have the capacity to extend services to clients, undertaking projects involving camp construction, road works, cement and sand haulage and transport logistics. FInd out more about them at Exact Mining Services

Laser Project Considerations

Here is another great story from one of our supporting sponsors, on what they consider when designing and building 3D objects using laser cutter machines, such as the ones from our Premium Sponsor Trotec Laser. The team at Engravers Register can’t wait to see their latest project – building a replica Eiffel Tower!

Laser Project Considerations by

I’ve been designing for laser cutters for more than four years now and working on my 4th published book on the subject but regardless of the who/what/where of the design, the project considerations are always the same.


You have to decide almost from the beginning what kind of “laser cutting budget” you’ll allocate to the project at hand. Why so early in the process? Because material, cutting and assembly costs go up exponentially as the scale of the model and piece count go North. For instance, the Eiffel Tower design I’m working on now has only 35 pieces so far but will hover near 50 when finished and I gave myself an unlimited cutting budget for it, the original Eiffel Tower wasn’t cheap and nor will this one be standing at a meter high when finished. There isn’t any way to cut corners on a project like this, all the lattice work can’t be ignored so if you are going to go over budget, this is the model you want to do it on!

CNC projectPiece Count

After you’ve given yourself a rough cutting budget, the next consideration is piece count. If the model is for a child, you don’t want something over 20-30 pieces but if it’s for a model master, more than 200 is fine. What I’ve found with time though is that sales and piece count are inversely proportional, meaning the more pieces your model has, the less sales it generates.

For instance, this Zulu Main Battle Tank below looks like fun to build but I wouldn’t expect a 10 year old kid to put it together – I’ve had 40 year old kids give it a go and they soon realized it was over their head! The problem isn’t the assembly process itself, it’s the tools and time required to glue, clamp and build the model up. It must be spread across a few days to allow the glue to dry and some minor refinements as the material is rarely the correct thickness. As mentioned previously, 6mm wood is rarely 6mm, usually it’s 6.4 or even more out of whack.

Material Choice

The material you intend to build your model with is critical! Why so important? Well, you want your model to be structurally sound. I would never give a kid a toy laser cut out of MDF, it simply won’t last and it’s a nasty material to work with nor would I try to build this plasma cut Dragon Fly using plywood. Some of these things sound like common sense but are too often overlooked! The general rule I use is that if a material is “strong” like plywood, it needs less supports than something “soft” like foam.

Take Away

It may seem like there is a lot to consider when building a CNC project, from material, machine type and budget to piece count, intended customer and their skill level. Don’t let this get in the way of the fun though! Even if you fail, the lessons you’ve learned can be applied to the next model!

Thanks to for the above information… your experience in designing and building 3D objects is great for our registered businesses!

Unique Christmas gifts

With Christmas rapidly approaching, have you organised your corporate Christmas gifts yet? Well, why not consider lasered corporate Christmas gifts that are unique for your business!

For engraving businesses it will give your customers an insight into what you can do! Some ideas include constructing lasered green Christmas trees with your business name, white intricate snowflakes, layering different products together to create a santa (leather, felt). The outcomes are only limited by your imagination, so experiment with different materials and textiles.

If you are looking for Christmas gifts for your business, then get in touch with us at The Engravers Register. We have many registered businesses that can create really unique gifts, which will have your customers and clients talking for years to come. Why not have a company logo or product range engraved onto different materials which are unique to the customer? If you’re an advertising agency, why not create individual agency awards for your clients? Manufacturing businesses, have your logo engraved onto your product (our businesses can even laser onto biscuits – Halloween example)!!

Our registered businesses can provide advice and ideas. But get in quick, there are only three and a half weeks until Christmas!









corporate christmas gifts, engraving, unique christmas gifts, awards and the SA Hall of Fame

It seems that our Premium Sponsor has really thrived again in the sports arena, or supplying those that have excelled in the sports arena! This is from‘s blog about their involvement with the SA Sports Start of the Year award, and the inclusion of one of their employee’s in the SA Sports Hall of Fame! From all at the Engravers Register, congratulations Rachael.

From the blog:

Having been a staple of the sporting community for almost 50 years, was a proud sponsor of the South Australian Sports Hall of Fame award night held a few days back. What made this night especially notable was the induction of Rachael Sporn,’s financial controller into the Sports Hall of Fame!

A little about Rachael

Rachael, played for the Lightning in Australia’s WNBL where she was twice league MVP and seven times selected in the WNBL All-Star Five. She heads the all-time points scoring and rebound list for the WNBL. The Women’s National Basketball Association club Detroit Shock recruited her for their 1998 season as well.

She played 304 games for the national basketball team, including three Olympic Games—two silver medals (2000 and 2004) and a bronze (1996)—and three World Championships (1990, 1994 and 1998). Rachael is a member of the Australian Sports Hall of Fame and the Australian Basketball Hall of Fame and was awarded the Australian Sports Medal in 2000 and the Centenary Medal in 2001. She also commented for Fox Sports during the London 2012 Olympics.’s Awards
The awards for the the South Australian Sports Hall of Fame were held at the beautiful Adelaide Entertainment Centre

Sports Hall of Fame - Adelaide

Sports Hall of Fame - inside the event

Where awards made by were presented to elite athletes over the course of the night.

Sports Hall of Fame - medals Sports Hall of Fame