Perfect Companions – Rotary Engraving and Laser Engraving

It’s like the old song “ebony and ivory… living together in perfect harmony”… well, not exactly perfect harmony, but rotary engraving and laser engraving can be perfect companions, as today’s blog from our website sponsor Trotec Australia tells us!

Rotary or mechanical engraving is a ‘physical contact’ process where a rotating tool engraves material such as plastic or metals. Laser engraving is a ‘contactless’ process offering fast results with uniquely valuable characteristics. The lasers do not need to follow a tool  path set up and as a result engraving times are considerably faster.

Engraving businesses can benefit from the combination of both processes  and use each machines strengths to ensure the perfect result for every job (and happy and return customers a result)!

Laser engravers are available in two classes – CO2 lasers and Fibre lasers.  Laser engravers are effective on the same materials as rotary engravers, however the Fibre laser offers superior results on metals without the aid of pre-treatment. The Trotec Speedy range offers a unique ‘Flexx’ function which combines both a CO2 and fibre laser source in the one machine – enabling the machine to process the widest possible range of materials seamlessly.

The choice between rotary engraving and laser engraving comes down to speed, the desired look and the permanency of the mark. Laser engraving is faster than rotary engraving, and each produces a different appearance. Rotary engravers offer perfect results for 3D signage such as raised lettering and deep engraving or milling, however laser engravers are able to mark the surfaces of metals without affecting the integrity of the material (the best process for marking stainless steel items used in the mining, medical and hospitality industries). Why not combine the strengths of both processes in your engraving businesses!

Sounds good to us here at The Engravers Register! If you want to find out how the perfect companionship of a rotary engraving and laser engraving partnership can benefit your business, get in touch with our website sponsors, Trotec Laser on 1800 674 499.