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Trotec Laser is the world’s leading laser machine manufacturer. Their vision is to be a home for all laser users. Today Trotec is a leading international laser manufacturer and makes the work of laser users simpler, faster and more profitable. With a large range of machines perfect for any application. Trotec Laser Australia has been a supporter of the Engravers Register since we started in 2015.​​

rayjet laser machine | laser engraving

Rayjet Laser Machines
Budget friendly industrial grade laser engraving and cutting solutions for your business. The Rayjet laser line , invented by Trotec, offers industrial grade and cost-effective laser solutions for businesses, schools, and start-ups. The user friendly laser software is easy to learn, allowing first time laser users to quickly process many different materials.​​

if you’re looking for a great material to use on your laser machines, then check out the great range from Trotec Laser! In particular, their best selling product TroLase. TroLase is an UV-resistant acrylic based laminate for both indoor and outdoor applications. The laser engraving plastic sheets are specially engineered to produce maximum engraving detail at high speeds, whilst minimising residue and need for cleaning.

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