Laser Fashion – Laser Cut Jackets

Thankfully for many traditional engraving businesses around the world, the use of their laser machine is no longer limited to traditional trophies and awards. A whole range of new industries has opened up, including the fashion industry.

Factories and designers are now incorporating laser machines in not only their production for more efficient and safe production, but utilising them to create unique designs which are now seen all over the world. From laser cut handbags by Chloe on the arms of stars in Los Angeles (we’ve featured on our social media), through to laser cut jackets in Montreal, Canada and laser cut shoes in Sydney, Australia, the opportunity a laser machine adds to the design process is immense.

In the coming weeks, we will be publishing some of our favourite laser cut fashion items. Today our focus is on laser cut jackets (pictures sourced from a variety of websites). For those with a laser machine and some old jackets you are about to throw away, why not experiment with it and your laser machine to create a unique piece of fashion? Feel free to share your creation with us.

Image from                   Image courtesy Elvira T’Hart


Image courtesy Victors Leather              Image courtesy of
Image courtesy DPMHI                         “Red Carpet” courtesy