Laser engraved padlocks – Love Locks

Looking for a last minute Valentine’s gift? Thanks to Trotec Laser USA for this tutorial on how to laser Love Locks.

Required Material:

  • A padlock made from anodised aluminum
  • A piece of wood or acrylics to build a tray for stability or some plasticine

Used Trotec laser:
Speedy 100, 60 watts, 2.5 inch lens

laser engraved padlocks

Love locks
You can see them on bridges all around the world: Love locks
Typically the lovers’ names or initials are engraved on the padlock, and the key is thrown away to symbolise their endless love. 
Step 1: build a tray
green and red padlocks
To keep the padlocks stable during laser engraving process, you can:
  • make a tray from wood or acrylics
  • or fix the lock with some plasticine (if you are only producing one of two custom pieces at time

Step 2: Design and laser process

Open our template or create your own individual design and send it to the laser.

Used parameters:

Engraving: power: 20% – speed: 10% – frequency: 1000 ppi – air assist: ON – high quality: ON