Laser cut cards to help street youth (ENGLISH)

This article was originally in French and comes from MAURICIE CENTRE-DU-QUEBEC. Direct translation via the site’s translation features. Visit the site here. John selected our Premium Global Partner Trotec Laser to help with this range.

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To help street youth and people to work in rehabilitation, the artist Jean Beaulieu creates a new company, called Imagine Wow! While he is best known for its stained glass, Jean Beaulieu starts this time in greeting cards.

For several years the artist of the region is involved in the cause of troubled youth. Frustrated melt each year the amount of government subsidies that were granted to him for his work, he decided to launch his company for more autonomy.

By the fall, five people will work in the making of maps. Jean Beaulieu however hopes that number rise rapidly to 15.

The technique used is very special. This is a laser working to perform a very specific reason, like a stained glass window.

The card prices will oscillate between 5 and 10 dollars.

The Corporation of the Amphitheatre of the Trois-Rivières and Rousseau Funeral Centre will broadcast partners products created by Imagine Wow!