JobControl Outline Function

Positioning engraving, cutting, and marking jobs correctly is critical to guarantee perfect results, especially when engraving intricate layouts on expensive or irregular shape materials.

Luckily, Trotec’s JobControl’s “Job Outline Function” supports both experienced laser and novice users by allowing you to check the correct position prior to starting the engraving job. This feature ensures the job is positioned correctly every time, which prevents faulty engraving and saves you both time and money!

How it works:

  1. Send the job from your graphics software to the JobControl software.
  2. Position the material in the laser.
  3. Position the job on the JobControl plate.
  4. Select Edit, Outline job(s).
  5. Watch as the lens carriage begins outlining the shape of the selected job(s). With the laser switched off, the red dot pointer will indicate the outline area of engraving, cutting, and/or marking job.
  6. The red dot pointer travels along the effective outline, not along the biggest rectangle.
  7. The laser will continue to outline the job until this action is cancelled. This will give you the opportunity to either move the job to another position on the plate or move the object to be engraved.
  8. Once you have everything positioned correctly, cancel the job outline function and start engraving.