Helping animals with a laser machine – something new

Whilst we are all focussed on using our engraving and laser machines to drive profits for our businesses, it is always good to help others in the community with pro-bono or charity work. A couple of our sponsors, Trotec Laser and QR2id have separately advised us of some of the charity work they’ve done recently with a laser machine which we wanted to share with you all as a good news Monday story!

Our Premium Sponsor, Trotec Laser Australia, sent us an image of a transformed spare Rayjet crate which is currently collecting donations of pet food, blankets and toys for a local Penrith, Australia animal charity – Love Ones Animal Rescue. We love the artwork and idea which will provide a visual, ongoing support for a local charity – what a great idea for a spare crate! If any of our registered businesses live in the Penrith region, pop into Glenmore Park Town Centre and show your support.

Another supporting sponsor, QR2id, just held a morning tea supporting the RSPCA, Australian animal charity, which formed part of the national RSPCA cupcake day event (the official RSPCA cupcake day is 19 August). QR2id’s work with their Trotec Flexx 300 on Ginger Snaps, which were then dusted with vanilla sugar, looks too good to eat (more than happy to taste test QR2id!)

Remember, there are so many different applications you can do with a laser machine! Please share with us any pro-bono work you have done recently.