Guest post: Steel… a wonderful material for lasers to work with!

Another guest blog post from our favourite guest contributor in St Catherines, Canada –

After exhausting all my previous stock of colorful anodized aluminium and most of my stainless steel, I got some more produced so we can fulfill other customer orders here at

We had a run on these which is a great problem to have until more stock arrives, a number of clients got a substantial free upgrade to annealed stainless steel!

toronto laser engraving

These aren’t the only colors that anodized aluminium comes in but it’s a good representative sample of what’s possible!

We can also get anodized aluminium powder coated with any color combination and texture you could want… the nice thing about aluminium is its light weight and compared to stainless steel, a lot cheaper per blank unit. The added bonus of going colored anodized aluminium vs annealing stainless steel is the time, it’s significantly faster for the laser to process through!

toronto laser engraving

The fun part about laser engraving anodized aluminium is that you see lots of cool controlled sparks as the top anodization is vaporized and quickly sucked away thanks to our 2 hp extraction unit!

Depending on how much is removed, you may end-up with long streaks such as what you see above or pointed explosions as you see below.

toronto laser engraving

You also get these special effects with stainless and galvonized steel but not as extreme unless the plate is especially dirty but they are cleaned here at to get more consistent results.

Stainless steel often has a coating on the surface that’s unperceivable that affects the annealing process so it’s always best to clean it first before production begins.

toronto laser engraving

To wrap things up, if you need some tags, business cards or unique signage that doesn’t wear out over time and is easy to clean while making a statement, your only choice is!

We’ve got tons of metal stock with more coming on a regular basis and depending on volume, this can be customized further such as larger or smaller plate sizes, thicknesses, riveting holes (different sizes, positions and number) and coating color / texture.

Oh yeah, you can watch a video of both processes happening. Laser Annealing Polished Stainless Steel Plates Laser Engraving Colorful Anodized Aluminium