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Another guest blog courtesy of Jon Cantin at This was published on his blog a couple of weeks back. was a founding supporting sponsor of the Engravers Register in Australia and New Zealand, with Jon providing immense knowledge and support in the industry.

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Yesterday I got the power set-up in the CNC shop – a long 2 week wait due to the requirements needed – so today the Trotec tech came in and checked the whole system over and everything checks out fine! I was most surprised that the laser was in perfect alignment after traveling half way around the world.

I was also told that my machine is the first Trotec Speedy 400 Flexx in Canada! So, if you want something cut, engraved, etched or marked with a Trotec Speedy 400 Flexx in Canada, there is only ONE place to go! This novelty will be over in a few weeks and I already have a few friends with these in other countries so I’m enjoying being part of this very exclusive club for now.

So far my experience with Trotec Laser has been awesome, tonight I’m marking with the fiber some 304 stainless steel business cards – head over to blog to see them in a few days. We did some annealing today and it looks incredible – way better than anything I’ve seen Cermarked and it took a fraction of the set-up time.

This weekend I’m going to start cutting some models using 6 mm MDF – just for testing so no point in cutting this in plywood – I’m able to cut as thick as 15 mm btw. is focused on CNC designing while is on applications and CNC shop projects and experiences.

Oh yeah, I bought a 30 fiber and 100 CO2 laser… today the tech tested it and it came out to 110 CO2 laser power – with all this power, I can plow through just about any material. won’t be quiet for much longer – once models are video taped and tested “live” they’ll be made available as kits – still debating on whether they will be on a separate site or just incorporated into The markets are very different… or maybe I’ll just have them on both sites. We’ll see which way the wind blows.