Get Jiggy With It!

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Jig use preceeds language as it allows you to precisely control the location and/or motion of another tool, enabling you an unprecedented level of repeatability and accuracy – which means better productivity and profitability. Although they are used across a number of fields, we will focus on CNC related jigs for this post.

Jigs for repeatability

If you have a lot of one-off projects, you might have developed a simple jig to hold material in place if you are dealing with only a few sheet sizes. But if you have, lets say, a hundred medals that need to be Cermark’ed, developing a jig will save you in labor, time and reject costs.

Jigs for accuracy

Continuing along the lines of having to engrave a hundred medals, a jig will give you far greater precision and accuracy than trying to manually place them one at a time on an engraving bed. Here is a jig we recently made at to hold some medals that needed to be fiber marked using a Trotec Flexx.


As you can see, these medals are an odd shape and have protrusions on all sides, meaning manual positioning would only be a lesson in frustration. Using a simple jig not only makes this project possible but also a lot quicker!

The Bottom Line – How it can help you

The number of jigs and combination of jigs are as limitless as your material selection for making one! The best thing about making a jig isn’t usually the jig itself, it’s the quality and customer satisfaction that comes as a direct result of your creativity!