The First Featured Business for 2015 – Chocolate Brownie

We’re very excited to present our first Featured Business for 2015. We were with this business from the outset with their quest for a new laser machine which was acquired with the help of a brilliant Kick-Starter campaign, and have seen them go from strength to strength since. Starting off with creating bespoke leather goods by hand, and now supplying Melbourne and Australia a variety of gorgeous individualised engraved and laser cut leather goods using their brand new Trotec Laser. The Engravers Register can also vouch for them, with our manager’s Titanium Marketing & PR being fortunate enough to secure a couple of their gorgeous pieces! We can’t wait to see what 2015 brings them. Welcome Chocolate Brownie – don’t forget to check out their amazing online store!

Contact name:
Eleisha Nylund

How can people get in touch:
Just drop me an email [email protected]

North Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Just me

How did you get into business or get started?
Through jewellery strangely enough. Some of my jewellery pieces were on show at a conference about new technology in craft and design. My pieces were representing what can be done with rapid prototyping. At this time I was just doing leatherwork as a side project. But it was here that I made connections with a local university, and was given the opportunity to try my leather patterns on their laser cutter. After my first attempt I was sold… I needed a laser cutter! And it’s been since then that I have been in pursuit of getting my own.

What is your specialty?
Leather… In particular vegetable-tanned leather.

What makes you unique?:
My art and design background… I have been involved in these industries/disciplines for 10 years now, and have developed a unique design sensibility as well as good understanding of a variety of materials and their properties.

What is your favourite job you have done?
A custom leather briefcase… It was the beginning of me taking my leather goods to a new level of complication and quality.

What is your dream project?
I want to make furniture! I’d love the opportunity to work on some beautifully clean and simple modular-style furniture.

Finally, what is the all time favourite job you have seen? The work is called Intersections and its by Anila Quayyum Agha its absolutely exquisite.

Eleisha in her studio

Laser cutting leather on her new Trotec Laser



One of the finished products from Chocolate Brownie’s KickStarter campaign