Featured business – QBik Creative

Our latest Featured Business is Australian and new to the industry, having only purchased their first laser machine, a Trotec Laser Speedy 100, earlier this year. Since then they have started to explore a range of niche markets, including a range of custom made items – to them nothing is impossible! We are very excited to see how QBik grows and what creations they make for clients.

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Derek Scantlebury

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Location: Capricorn Coast, Queensland, Australia

Staff: 1

How did you get into business or get started?

I was originally a Fitter and Turner, but after gaining a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) I predominantly filled project construction management roles. I was becoming bored with the construction lifestyle and wanted to return to the joy of making things that I experienced as a machinist / technical officer.

After playing around with a 3D printer and concluding that although a lot of fun, they were not promising to be economically rewarding for some time. I then identified laser engraving / cutting as a complementary process that showed great promise. After a bit of homework, (OK a lot) I decided that I was going to focus on the best quality equipment I could afford so after visiting the Trotec Stand at Visual Impact in March this year I placed and order for my Speedy 100 and QBiK Creative was born.

The Speedy 100 has since been joined by a Roland LEF-20 Versa UV Printer and a Roland DG MDX 540S 3D mill. Like the Speedy 100 these were also leading products in their area of expertise.

What is your specialty?

Simply due to demand my specialty seems to be plywood….Seems to be somewhat in fashion, be it key rings, wedding toppers or simple workshop items. I have a lot of demand for wood printed on the Versa UV printer and then cut to shape by laser. This is the basis of my jigsaws and key rings

What makes you unique?:

My point of difference is the combination of equipment in the one workshop. I focus on low volume highly customized products and use the philosophy that if you can’t buy it talk to me as there is every chance we can make it. I have an engineering background so my strength is in fine tuning the processes and the clients bring the artistic talent. Apart from cutting and engraving I can print on many items and machine small items from anything from wax through to aluminium. I am also developing a small metal casting capability.

What is your favourite job?  

My favourite projects are the large scale plywood orders such as the stacking coffee tables ordered by Ruby Caravan and the 1.5m cross I have manufactured to be mounted on a soon to be opened restaurant’s wall. Others of note were the order for Fluoro Orange and Pink Pinwheels and the 1.2 metre wide transfer applied to a tablecloth. They test your skill with stretching the boundaries of the equipment and it becomes personal.

What is your dream project?   

I don’t really have ‘A’ dream project… I have many. So I hope to work through them one by one. The first that comes to mind is putting together a range of Lampshades. This will let me play with geometric shapes and try out my skills at putting the pieces together. I have also been working with a local bronze artist to create bronze plaques and other items. I have cut a number of Fret boards for a local Banjo manufacturer and I am trying to convince him to let me engrave the backs of them.

Finally, what is your all-time favourite job you have seen?

That’s hard! Since I have started QBiK Creative I have become the kid in the candy store. Each time you see a ‘wow’ job you look further and there is another. I really do admire the architectural models.

Some of the great work QBik Creative has done so far is below: