Fashion meets the laser machine

Recently the fashion industry seems to have taken a liking to laser machines, with many designers integrating laser cut components into their latest collections. Diane Von Furstenberg incorporated laser cut elements to her structured leather jackets, on the Saks New York website, an Akris Laser Cut textured Chiffon Jacket is retailing for almost $AUD4,500 (yes almost four and a half thousand dollars). In the latest winter collections in the United States, laser cut boots were a great seller.

One of the up and coming Australian designers Emma Sadie Thompson (EST) creates her unique accessory pieces on the laser machine.

Of course, hand crafted engraving never goes out of style either – it all depends on the investment and end price of the piece you are working on!

Below are some of the current pieces for sale the Engravers Register has found online – linking through to the relevant store. Some are definitely dream pieces, while others are attainable. If you’re looking to diversify your product range and laser machine use, then why not invite a designer in to use your laser machine and let the creative juices roll!!

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