Experiencing a Trotec Demo Day

The other week the team at The Engravers Register was invited to attend one of Trotec Laser’s monthly demo days in sunny Brisbane (yes, it was definitely a work trip)! Trotec Laser hosts demo days once a month in every major capital city, and from what we saw, it was certainly very busy!

We arrived just before 8am, to find Jenny the vivacious Qld Office Manager prepping for the day. After making a quick cup of coffee (and a few choccies),  she explained what would happen throughout the day. Potential customers would come through for demonstrations of the various lasers (which were matched against their specific requirements), plus people who had purchased machines would also come through for training on the software and machines.

John, the QLD Sales Manager then came to introduce us to the lasers they would be demonstrating throughout the day: Speedy 500, Speedy300 flexx, Rayjet and a Newhinghall NH400, and then offered us the opportunity to experience them. Alrighty – right onto the large flat bed Speedy 500 for us please!

John, Trotec Laser QLD Sales Manager, uses the Speedy500

As appointments started to arrive, John left us to our devices. After using the Corel Draw program to create some artwork, it was time to use Trotec’s renowned JobControl system. John talked us through step by step the process, while also showing one his appointments how easy it was to process at the same time. Bingo! Basically hit print and what a result… not exactly what has previously been created in the Speedy500 (example below) but we were very happy with what we created. We did try to take credit for the below though!

We observed some more training sessions and demonstrations throughout the morning, and continued to be impressed with not only the quality Trotec Laser were delivering, but the quality of how they were delivering it. Exceptionally fast production times, skilled training and development, plus a unique partner who honestly cared about developing their customer’s businesses. As we left just before lunchtime (all of that creativity makes you very hungry!), customers were still piling through the door ready for the lunch sessions.

A big thank you to the team at Trotec Laser for letting us share and experience your morning, we appreciate how difficult it is when you are busy with customers! The team at Engravers Register definitely recommends our registered businesses experience one of these demo days for yourself. Visit the Trotec Laser website for more information and dates.