Evright.com @ Rescue 2012: A look back

One of our Premium Sponsors, Evright.com, was a proud supplier of the 2012 Lifesaving World Championships,  which just wrapped up in Adelaide. Evright.com supplied the awards, medals, pins and everything else a major international event would require and then some! From what we can see, it was a VERY tough job especially with all that blue sky and sand – where can we sign up?!

The first task Evright.com had to do was cast and label the gold, silver and bronze medals for the event (images below). When they arrived from the foundry, Evright.com said they looked great! They then had to open each one (each were individually bagged) and attach a laser engraved label with the event details.

Richard, Evright.com’s resident sand blaster also had lots of awards to engrave onto custom hand blown glass.

Once all the material was finished and shipped to the Lifesaving World Championships HQ, Evright.com’s job was far from done. All of the medals now had the option of having the winner’s name engraved on them. This was a job perfectly suited to Evright.com’s bank of Trotec Laser Rayjets.

 Evright.com says it was a tough job to complete. The sun, the surf and the food were all great!

Evright.com have let us know to pass on to our followers if you are hosting a major or even a minor event, keep Evright.com in mind to help make it a successful event!