Evright.com gets the Georg Jensen knives out

Today The Engravers Register thought we should share one of our Premium Sponsors, Evright.com, blogs about the work they have been doing. Evright.com are one of the leading trophy, medal and personalised giftware businesses Australia-wide and focussed on personalised engraving work for leading businesses. We thought these knives were pretty awesome, along with the jigs they made for them and due to the fact that the job went 20x faster, we are all ears here…. over to you all for your future business ideas!!

Evright.com gets the Georg Jensen knives out

Evright.com got the opportunity to laser engrave, using our new Trotec Speedy 300 Flexx machine, a whole whack of cheese knives from famous designer Georg Jensen. Normally a job like this would require a lot of labor but thanks to the Flexx’s ability to laser engrave stainless steel without having to resort to using Cermark, the project went 20x faster!

Laser engraved knife

Jigs are a MUST

As referenced on EngraversRegister.com ‘s Blog, jig creation and use is a must for jobs like this. It saves so much time in set-up and allows batches of work to be done at once with exact precision.

Knife jig

As you can see, placing the knives in the proper location is child’s play.

Knife jig

The laser then does its work, engraving the knives as if they were nothing but cheese themselves!

Knife jig with knife being engraved

Once done, the knives are taken out of the Trotec Speedy 300 Flexx. There is no heat so they can be handled immediately nor are any fumes generated as only the surface of the knife’s molecular structure is changed, no material is actually removed in the process!

finished knife

Now that the knives are engraved, they are put into their packaging with another round ready to be engraved.

packs of knives

Once they are all done, they are packaged and sent off to their new home.

packed laser engraved knives

Get your own laser engraver!

Evright.com has some amazing customers because we use amazing laser engravers powered by the passion of our employees! If you are in the market for a laser, check-out the full product range of laser cutters and engravers at Trotec Laser Australia.