Engravers Register Welcomes New Supporting Sponsor

The Engravers Register would like to officially welcome Honeyweb as a supporting sponsor of us!

Honeyweb are an online marketing agency with over 15 years’ experience, offering a complete online marketing solution. They clearly understand that an online presence is an essential service for your customers and therefore your business, whether to boost sales, increasing customer satisfaction or to save time and money on traditional marketing techniques, the Internet has to be a major focus of any company serious about competing in today’s market place.

Visit Honeyweb’s project gallery and see the team have increased their client’s business.

The Engravers Register would not be in existence without the support of sponsors. If you know of any businesses that are looking to contribute to the engraving industry, please let us know and we will provide all the required information.

Thank you for your support Honeyweb – it’s greatly appreciated!