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We spotted this blog from one of our registered businesses who are based in Adelaide, Australia and thought we would share it. They are one of the leading Australian personalisation and engraving businesses and are also a distributor for our Premium Global Partner Trotec Laser.

Have you been interested in purchasing your own laser engraving machine, whether for a hobby or to support your business operations? Evright was one of the first businesses in Australia to receive a machine in the late 1990’s and now is a proud distributor of the very laser machines we use onsite in our factory – Trotec Laser. In fact, Trotec Laser is the global leader in laser engraving machine technology, supplying companies such as Apple, Nike, National Defence Forces through to RM Williams here in Adelaide.

Evright offers customers the full range of Trotec Laser machines, from small desktop laser solutions (Rayjet), Speedy series laser machines, large laser cutters and galvo marking systems. In the next few weeks, we will showcase the range of Trotec Laser machines available through, including benefits of each machine and materials.

If you want to experience how a Trotec Laser solution can increase your business profitability or hobby, contact us on (08) 8231 2746 and we will arrange a personalised demonstration.

IMG_3642   One of our original Trotec Laser machines – we can’t bear to let it go!


  • You deal direct with the manufacturer for service and install with a nationwide service network
  • It’s the fastest laser machine on the market by far – Increase your production efficiency by processing at a maximum speed of 3.55 m/sec and 5g.
  • Easy to use software
  • Trotec takes your business or hobby seriously – working as a partner in your businesses with productivity guarantees
  • Austrian built quality machine with in-Pack technology (which means the machine doesn’t get dusty from use internally)
  • Patented Cerami-core technology (meaning the laser source is contained within the laser’s ceramic core and not hitting metal which can cause fragments)
  • Only manufacturer to have all global credentialed ISO requirements
  • Environmentally industry certified IS14001

With the volumes of work going through our systems every day, Evright can personally vouch for the quality of Trotec Laser machines.


Our Speedy 300 flexx


One of the most popular Trotec Laser solutions for customers are the Speedy Flexx systems.

Trotec first introduced flexx technology in 2005 and now there are hundreds of Trotec customers around the globe experiencing the power of Trotec’s flexx technology.

Flexx technology means one laser machine with two laser sources – CO2 and fiber – which gives operators the ability to engrave, mark or cut virtually any material ranging from plastics or wood through to glass and metal, and even workpieces with mixed materials all in a single process.

Use both laser sources in one job without having to change the laser tube, lenses or focus manually.


Our Speedy 400 flex laser system – it gets a great workout!

The CO2 laser source makes the flexx ideal for cutting and/or engraving a variety of surfaces including paper, glass, wood and plastics. The fiber laser
source gives the flexx the ideal advantage of being able to mark a variety of metallic surfaces.

Every Speedy laser is ready for flexx so even if you already have a Speedy 300 CO2 or a Speedy 100 fiber these can be upgraded at any time to a flexx.

The Speedy flexx is available in four models – Speedy 100, Speedy 300, Speedy 360 and Speedy 400.

Click here for more information, or call us on 08 8231 2746 or email to arrange your own personal demonstration.

Speedy Flexx Materials

Materials that can be cut on the Speedy Flexx Laser Solutions

Speedy 10 Years

Guest Post : : Custom CNC Laser Engraved And Cut Pine Sign

A Guest Post from one of our businesses located in  Canada

In this video, creates a custom 3/4 inch (18 mm) Pine Sign using an Austrian wide-format Trotec Speedy 400 flexx CNC laser. is a professional custom CNC shop with clients worldwide that can engrave, etch, mark, anneal and cut any material for any application in addition to custom design / build solutions. produces amazing cups for the Adelaide Festival of Racing!

One of our registered businesses located in Adelaide has been producing trophies for the South Australian Jockey Club, including the Adelaide Cup, for well over 20 years.

At the launch of the Adelaide festival of racing for the SAJC last night, a few of these amazing cups were on display.

These cups are ready for the winners of the upcoming Darley Goodwood, UBET SA Derby and the Schweppes Oaks races. If you’re looking for a fun day out at the races, visit the South Australia Jockey Club – you might even be lucky enough to visit the Winners Lounge!

Great work

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Guest Post : Infinite Custom Name Badge Options

Our Guest Business from St Catherines in Canada shares another great video about Infinite Custom Name badges made in any shape and a range of materials from Anodised Aluminium, wood and stainless steel. They’re all made on his Trotec Laser Speedy 400. Thank you Jon for allowing us to share your comprehensive videos and tutorials, it’s greatly appreciated.

ANZAC Day Lasercut Poppies

We posted this tutorial last November in observation of Remembrance Day – Wednesday 11 November at 11am. We had such a great response we thought we would repost with the images and tutorial for those observing ANZAC Day (Monday 25 April).

For the original project, poppies were created on a Trotec Laser machine and current students gave to ex-service personnel who were past students, last April 2015 (ANZAC Day in Australia and New Zealand). You can also download the file in Corel Draw (corel v3 and v7) so you can create your own poppies.   Poppy files (265 downloads)

Lest we forget.

Images courtesy of Trotec Laser Australia

Poppy 2






Guest Post : Michael Clark : Fimark

We always welcome Guest Posts from registered businesses around the world.

We thank Michael Clark of Fimark in the United Kingdom for his post and know you will find it most interesting.

Vast abilities of laser technologies – sky is the limit
With laser technology, the sky is the limit! Lasers are intense light beams that are commonly used in various industries. The beam emitted by a type of laser has the power to mark, etch and engrave various types of materials, such as metal, plastic, wood, and numerous others. The engraving is permanent and the color of the light varied from monochromatic (single wavelengths) to colorful. As opposite to similar machines, laser technology prides with being extremely precise. Today’s advanced laser cutting machines work with programmable computers that determine how and where the interface gets in contact with the material.


Laser technology – main benefits and abilities
Lasers keep work pieces in correct, exact positions thus making sure that the cutting process is extremely precise. The engraving or marking is particularly accurate and is done extremely fast. Since lasers work with beam light, the surface of the material doesn’t get in direct contact with any sort of cutting tool. This means that the material is kept safe and away from contamination or destruction. Conventional engraving process use machines that generate heat; this might disrupt the material’s shape. With laser technology, the heat produced is not that intense which means that the material has less chances of deforming.
Laser technology is versatile and can also be employed to burn or cut complex materials. The amount of work put into the engraving or etching is reduced, since laser systems are easy to maneuver using various computer programs. Furthermore, these machines don’t require human interaction thus limiting accidents and injuries.
Laser technology in medicine
Tech breakthroughs in laser technology have led to the creation of numerous applications in medicine. There has also been an increase in the number of medical procedures performed with lasers. Incisions are smaller and less painful thus trimming the recovery period. Lasers are widely used in various medical fields, including urology, gynecology, oncology, cardiology, cosmetic surgery, and more. Surgical lasers are precise and the procedures that use lasers no longer last 4 or 5 hours. In the recent years, many patients are shifting from intricate surgeries to less time-consuming interventions. These are less invasive and less painful too.


Medical laser systems are growing in popularity. Most common uses of laser technology are: wrinkle removal, skin rejuvenation, hair removal, vision correction and benign prostatic hyperplasia. Diode and solid-state lasers are widely employed for hair removal procedures; whereas excimer laser systems are more suitable for vision correction procedures.
Laser marking abilities
Laser marking legibility eases the job of many consumers when attempting to read from boxes and other contains. Marks made by laser beams are permanent; this also contributes to a cleaner environment because fluids associated with additional technologies are properly eliminated. Due to the production characteristics of the equipment, container marking happens following the sealing and filling of a certain product. One of the most common types of laser marks is ablation. The process means etching of a packaging. The best laser solution is made from blending marking heads, lenses and laser wavelengths at a predetermined thickness and depth. Since small configuration differences yield visible performance differences, configurable laser solutions become essential.
Laser marking on metallic materials
Laser marking on metallic surfaces provide high performance, accuracy and high legibility. Direct metal marking is usually required when companies need to track and monitor a certain product. The right laser wavelength etches a surface with a predetermined depth, thus making the mark appear readable and easy to monitor.
Laser technology comes with a wide variety of abilities. For starters, the lines etched are continuous, thus improving legibility. The technology is excellent for bar codes, characters and logos. Furthermore, lasers feature a wealth of text styles; this enhances brand image and product quality sense. Laser machines require little maintenance. For a system to work at full capacity users will be happy to know that the only supplies needed are the filters; these make laser operations a lot more efficient.


Bottom line is laser technology is the one of the greatest technological discoveries of the centuries. Companies are using lasers to keep track of their products but also to perform certain endeavors (e.g. surgeries) with a lot more ease. The industry is constantly advancing, so it’s natural to believe that newer lasers will soon emerge with even more pioneering abilities.
By Michael Clark and!